Under the weather

It has been a gloomy week, weather wise. AddEmoticons04268 The kittens are even noticing it.  cat 22They are like, who turned the natural furnace off and when is it going to be turned back on? cat 45 They are still romping around, but not as much…cat 28 Tath sits on the bed and cries, when are you coming mom, it’s cold up. cat 42 (He has found a new love as well, a feather blanket). cat 26 Thena isn’t so particular, although she isn’t jumping as much..cat 50. She purrs more, but expects more for the milage. dd27 They both want to be held at once, probably to keep their feet off the cold floor… lol. AddEmoticons00949 It can be a challenge to breathe when you have 17 lbs. of furballs curled up on your chest and shoulders at once…smiley-confused005 Tath is not the 3 lb. tidbit he was when he arrived in February. AddEmoticons04220

Speaking of breathing, I managed to catch a cold..fever-and-sick. little bro is taking credit…making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon if you can’t give something to a sister, who can you? AddEmoticons04237 Today my voice is coming and going, the cats don’t seem to like that…cat 24 Tath, especially has his nose out of joint, he wants to be held by someone who isn’t coughing…cat 44 suck it up big boy… if I have to live with this, so do you. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon  They are still romping in the night, I can hear them, and their favourite time to do this? addemoticons00954 22-31-47Bedtime. AddEmoticons00916 In the middle of the night you suddenly feel tiny feet walking over you while one cat is sleeping at your side, cat 22next thing you know..addemoticons00954 22-31-47. it is a furball attack..AddEmoticons00949. and the two are rolling all over the bed. AddEmoticons00949 It they were Elven children, they would be giggling.addemoticons00954 22-31-47

I am almost finished writing ‘Into the Demons Lair’ and I will probably race through ‘To Capture an Ancient’ after that. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon I will make myself look very productive by writing ‘Forbidden Contact’, right after that.  (Lets face it, those two are Novellas, so how long can it take? AddEmoticons04263 I Also have to remember to type all this out..nervous-934. I can see about a month worth of typing right there. smiley-confused005 Not very happy about that. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon So, I have it figured, I will have the Novel finished in writing form, by the end of this week (no promises), typed out by the end of the month and off to Eniko. Smiley-Begging To Capture an Ancient and Forbidden Contact should be done by the end of October, and then I will begin to work on ‘Hunter’s Challenge’. AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40 We will see what I will decide on at that point. AddEmoticons04259 13-25-14 Which reminds me… I finished off another pen last night, I am working with a light green coloured one, for now.AddEmoticons04220

Well, it certainly feels like fall, cat 14the North wind is beginning to have an effect, though it hasn’t begun to freeze yet. AddEmoticons04279 They are saying it will be a couple weeks before they see anything close to that, although we had a couple nights when it got pretty chilly. AddEmoticons04274 Cats cuddle in closer, under the blankets when that happens. AddEmoticons04263 12-44-14 Well, it is time to go, already, yes… I am coughing up a storm, enough that they won’t come close…AddEmoticons04264. So, with that in mind, no one catch my cold. AddEmoticons04274 09-07-50 I hope you have a great, cough free week.. take care and stay healthy.AddEmoticons0425 Until next time, have a good one. AddEmoticons00916

4 thoughts on “Under the weather

  1. seelkfireice says:

    Sending healing hugs. Hope the bratz give you lots of hugs. Get well soon. It’s been all over the place here, raining for the last 3 days and I got this migraine that won’t quit BLEH and two big babies that won’t stop whining UGH

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    Oh no, I hope you feel better soon and the Dynamic Duo are nice to you!! Our monsoon season should be ending middle of next week (please God, before we drown)! From everything being so wet, been picking mushrooms!! Take care of yourself Mary Ann and get as much rest as you can. Sending lots of hugs!!

  3. emilylucero says:

    So sorry i seems to be one thing after another health wise for you lately. Take care. Happy to hear the novel is almost done then you should take a break for bit. Hug the two brats for me. Hoping we have a cold snowy winter here you don’t need it there. Stay warm. Enjoyed the blog very much.

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