Back in control???? Not likely

Well, it is time for the Saturday blog once more. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 The first thing I should do is apologize for missing the last one and, yes, there was a good reason. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I accidentally deleted 16, that is right 16, unedited manuscripts in various degrees of stages. AddEmoticons04231 The computer acted indiscriminately, it didn’t care what got pulled when I emptied the garbage. AddEmoticons04268 Integration.  Andromeda Queen, Equals, Lost in Myth, Champions, Erica, Hunter’s Challenge, Earwen’s Song, even some of the older texts that were being revamped.AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09  All gone. AddEmoticons04264 Poof.AddEmoticons04268  It took 4 days to pull them out of the main drive, so I could go hunting through the files.AddEmoticons04279  It then took a couple days to find the right ones.AddEmoticons04274  Still not sure if I got the right copies… Sigh. AddEmoticons04263 In some cases I was lucky, I had them backed up and so did others, imagine that? AddEmoticons04262 Anyway I am, more or less, back on track.smiley-happy120  Integration is going through a check, before the next stage of edits, which means it could be ready for last edits some time in the month of May and ready to be formatted before the end of June. Smiley-Begging Surrounded by the Light has not come back from first edit, but there is no rush there. AddEmoticons04237

While all that was going on, we brought in the paperback proof of ‘For the King & Elven Empire’,AddEmoticons04231 I am going to hurt someone at UPS yet. AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04 There is NO choice, the printing house uses them, primarily, although sometime I get lucky and they use DHL. AddEmoticons04236 10-17-45 The proof was supposed to be here Wednesday at the latest, but they forgot to take it on delivery with them, (they forgot to post that it might be coming until they published that tidbit too, that is right, no tracing # to indicate that it had even been shipped.) AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40  Pushing that aside, the book arrived Thursday, towards the end of the day,AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 and no, it was not right, there were flaws that had to be taken care of, sad part,AddEmoticons04287 13-27-02 they were those of the printer… something is rotten in Denmark.AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40  I growled at them about UPS, snarled at them about their error and generally made a nuisance of myself… yes, I was in a mood.AddEmoticons04231 10-25-25 (lack of sleep from keeping a computer awake will do that to a person.)AddEmoticons04254 11-47-55  We ran it through the system, reordered, and there is a new book, ready to ship, which may (or not) be here Tuesday (or Wednesday). AddEmoticons04269 I have huge hopes for this, the fates couldn’t be so cruel as to do this week to me a second time, although it has been known to happen. AddEmoticons04279 10-25-22 Meanwhile I write, yes I threw out 4000 words in Tratchars, but the good news is that what I replaced them with is much better. AddEmoticons04225 22-59-11 Eniko is not happy that I have not been sending her fixes and she knows I have about 7 chapters to type out, or more.  rolling eyes here. sacando-la-lengua14 I know Eniko… (pushing, pushing)MSN-Emoticon-155

On the kitten front…addemoticons00935 I am beginning to be able to tell them apart in the dark, this goes for their characters as well. AddEmoticons00950-1 If one gives a soft mew, that is Thena. dd27 Tath gives a louder Ma or MOM. AddEmoticons00937 If there is a furry object running between my feet while I am TRYING to walk, that is Tath, addemoticons00954 22-31-47 if there is one on the kitchen counter, that is Thena.AddEmoticons00916  If a pen goes flipping across the floor, that is my pen thief, Tath. cat 47 If something goes crash from inside the cupboard, that is Thena. cat 50 If someone comes through the door Thena is there to be noticed. cat 53 Tath will check it out from around a corner to see if he knows the person or not. cat 3 He is picky about who he will come out to see and not… his favourite hiding place, under the bed. cat 10 When they are in a playful mood, the house sounds like the final stretch of the Kentucky Derby during the final stages of the main race. cat 47 Those two kittens kit their blue tunnels at full gallop, and sometimes go flying with them. cat 36 BTW.  I no longer have flowers on the top of my furniture, courtesy of Thena. cat 50 My jumper has knocked them down and, proud of it, I might add.  addemoticons00935 22-24-21

The kittens have also noticed that there are birds outside,addemoticons00954 22-31-47 though they don’t go out 28  I shouldn’t say that, Tath went out though the door yesterday by error. cat 3 The look on his face when he raced back in said as much as that he wasn’t about to repeat that mistake anytime soon. CatSmiley11  He is such a wuss, Snoop would have had a blast putting these two in order.  cat 36

Well, time to toddle off, I am half way through a chapter,AddEmoticons04258 have a truck and trailer safety to write up, two kittens who are tearing at my white sheers,AddEmoticons04268 and I haven’t had breakfast yet. AddEmoticons04267 I also have to see what I can do about finding someone to put these shingles back in place that the wind knocked off the other day…AddEmoticons04259 sighing… yes, it was certainly one of those weeks. smiley-confused005 Well, today is the end of that one, I hope, crossing fingers, hope yours was better.  AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36Have a good one, until next week, beware of galloping kittens.dd27 AddEmoticons00935

4 thoughts on “Back in control???? Not likely

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL, those two hellions are something else. Sure keep you on your toes. You’d be so bored without them. Have a good weekend Mary Ann and try to stay sane! 😉

  2. emilylucero says:

    Hi you certainly had the week from He– hope this next one goes much better. Those two kittens are certainly developing their own personality. Truly loved the blog. Crossing fingers for a better week for you.

  3. maabraham says:

    I still need to fix a few things, but it is looking promising, not to get it to stop raining. 😛 We may need it for the farmers, but the timing really sucks for me.

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