Turnabout Tuesday with Sandy

Today we have Sandy as a guest, I figure I have been on her blog enough times I would put her on the hot seat. Here are her answers to the questions I sent.

  1. Without making this into a self-interest article, what is one of your favorite series on the market today, something that isn’t the EC or about Tantalus.

Well, good question because there are so many ‘go to ‘ reads for me. I guess I will list in NO particular order and these are NOT all of my favorites but just a few:

-Dark Series by Christine Feehan

-Ghostwalkers Series by Christine Feehan

-Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones

-Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Estep

-Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong

-Dragonkin by G.A. Aiken

-Pack series by Shelly Laurenston

-Crossfire by Sylvia Day

-Plus One Chronicles by Jennifer Lyon

-Blackdagger Brotherhood by JR Ward

  1. What attracts you to a book?

-I don’t want to sound like a cover snob, but I guess the first thing I notice is the cover, therefore I believe authors should be aware that a bad cover with poor graphics is likely to be passed by-both online and in store.

-I usually go to Goodreads, Amazon or follow other review sites for my information about upcoming books and what to read. If the review or premise sounds interesting, I always go to Amazon etc to check out the reviews but saying that there are also many reviews and reviewers that cannot be trusted for one reason or another.

-Truthfully, like the question above, there are certain series that are my favorites for several reasons: the character development; the storyline premise; humor for example from authors like Darynda Jones, G.A.Aiken and Shelly Laurenston, as well as great writing. I also want to be able to connect with the characters. If I am unable to connect with the characters, I cannot enjoy the book.

  1. What holds your interest in a storyline? And what turns you off one?

-A great cast of characters and intriguing storylines holds my interest. There are so many series and novels with similar premises that the stories begin to bleed into one and I have a difficult time remembering who said what and where.

-As for ‘turn offs’ there are times when a hero or heroine is so unlikeable and quite possibly unredeemable that I have a difficult time completing the book. I don’t like whiney heroines-don’t even get me started with the wishy/washy attitudes.

-I am also not a fan of a certain four letter word that seems to be used for more shock value than anything. I don’t see the necessity for this particular word but for some reason many erotic authors and even some romance authors use this particular word-it is a big turn off for me in more ways than one.

-I also abhor love triangles. Hate them with a passion so much so that I have stopped reading most YA storylines. In love triangles, someone always gets hurt and I want a happily ever after for everyone-I don’t want to be runner up, the also ran or second place; in a love triangle someone is always the runner up.

-And of course poor editing or a lack of editing, as well as awful writing is a definite deal breaker for me. The ability to self publish allows for so many wanna be authors that the market has been flooded with badly written storylines where no one has bothered to use spell check or hire an editor. I don’t want to pay for a book that contains numerous spelling and grammar errors. I once read a book where there were more than 20 errors in the first 9 pages. I had to beg off and tell the author to hire an editor.

-the poor quality of writing is another problem for many of the self published authors. So many people believe they can write, but sadly, they are mistaken.

  1. What area of a bookstore do you shy away from, besides the kiddie section?

-I have a grandson so I don’t shy away from the kiddie section…lol

-I tend to avoid ‘How To’ books and self help books although I probably need some help 😉 . To be honest, I have been avoiding the young adult section lately because of the ‘love triangles’.

-I also avoid certain erotic romance genres e.g. Lesbian storylines (not my thing and I am not interested) although I do love the M/M storylines-go figure !!

  1. We all read books that are not as well written at times, yet return to read the following book in the same series (if it is a series). Why would you do that?

-Why would I do that? Hmm, well like you said they may not be well written but the storyline can be interesting. If there is a cliff hanger or the actual premise grabs my attention I want to know what happens-always. Saying that, just because a book is not well written, does not mean the entire series or next book will be of the same quality. Some new authors have a difficult time getting started and it usually shows in the first book; a learning experience of sorts but one that many authors must endure.

  1. Who was your first book boyfriend, do you remember? They say you always remember your first. 😉

-You know !! His name begins with the letter D !!!!

  1. If you could live in a series, any series, for a period of time, which one would you choose and why?

-Wow, good question. Probably Shelly Laurenston’s Pack series. Her characters are a lot of fun. Although the Dark (Carpathian) series by Christine Feehan is dark and dangerous, there are probably a few books I would like to ‘experience’ for myself. 😉

  1. Do you have a favorite series where you hate some of the characters? What keeps you hooked?

-There are always characters in series that readers dislike. I am not sure I would say that I ‘hate’ a character but a strong dislike might be a better description. Sometimes it is more of the storyline that is afforded the character by the author that predisposes the reader to disliking the character more so than the actual character his/herself.

-We both know of a certain author and a couple of her characters that some of the readers have taken a particular disliking or more aptly a hatred for. I sometimes think the hatred stems forom the constant negative comments more than an actual reason.

  1. What would you like to see happen with one of the series you are following?

-There are a few adult, contemporary, erotic romance series that I have been reading that were originally set out to be trilogies but for some reason (I suspect financial) these series are now entering books 4, 5, 6, and so on. In these cases, the successive storylines have been a lot of filler and fluff where nothing much is happening or there is a rehash of similar events and drama.

-I want to see the series come to fruition. Dragging these series out to 5 and 6 books is getting tiresome especially when nothing dramatic actually happens.

  1. To name a few, give us some of the names of your favorite authors, and why you like them.

-Darynda Jones-her sarcastic humor and banter with her storylines

-Shelly Laurenston (aka G.A.Aiken)-her sarcastic humor and banter with her storylines

-Kelley Armstrong is Canadian so I must support a fellow Canadian plus her Women of the Otherworld series was amazing.

-JR Ward. Her ‘original’ Blackdagger Brotherhood brothers are amazing and now that she is going to start to write more about the original brothers, I am looking forward to reading more from JR.

  1. What do you like about running the blog you write? Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to dealing with some of the people you do? No names please.

-At The Reading Café we get to meet so many authors, cover models and people behind the scenes that we would never have had the opportunity to have met otherwise.

-As for pet peeve, there is always something 😉

  1. Would you ever consider writing a book yourself? If so why, if not, why not?

-Um, I have three books completed and a fourth I am still writing. None of the books have been published and I am continuously rereading and editing every chance I can get. I don’t know if I will ever get the opportunity to publish my books but one never knows.

Thank you MaryAnn for giving me the opportunity to visit you today. Always fun to answer so many interesting questions.

This is the link to the Reading Cafe… where everyone is welcome to have a cup of tea, coffee, help themself to a book, sit down and spend some time.


3 thoughts on “Turnabout Tuesday with Sandy

  1. emilylucero says:

    I loved the interview and I find myself agreeing with Sandy on most things. Loved this and hope you keep it up.

  2. Sandy S says:

    Thank you MaryAnn for giving me the opportunity to visit your blog and answer your questions. So many great things to see and read.

    All the best to you with your writing career. See you on the flip side !!

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