Only one day to go

According to rumor I will be getting the kitten in the middle of the night or thereabouts. CatSmiley21 Should be interesting. cat 3 I also need to make an appointment for it with the vet as a followup. cat 26 She has a pedigree longer than the Canadian #1 28 (Which stretches across the width of the continent). Oy. No matter. cat 10 I have also been told that she is tiny, going to have to be extra watchful at nighttime. cat 53 Should be interesting. cat 44 I am a restless sleeper. cat 47 She also purrs a lot and likes to flick her tail is what I hear. AddEmoticons00937 Just what I need a bundle of attitude. addemoticons00932 22-11-37 Will take a picture when she gets here are settles a bit. cat 50 Keep the names coming.dd27

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