Sassy until the end… Snoop


June 1999 – born

November 1999 – Came to live with us… broke mom’s antique swan within the 1st 5 min.

First snowfall – escapes through front door, races down steps into fresh snow, flips around and comes back in at double speed, looks out as if the ask “What in the heck is THAT?”

Dec. – Refused to play in the Christmas tree. He is a gentleman kitty.

January 2000 – spends the better part of the month on mama’s lap because she had knee surgery.

I notice the stuffed Snoopy I have on my bed is looking beaten up and can’t figure out why, come into the room with Snoops breeder to find him kicking the stuffings out the stuffie… Breeder explains that it is a jealousy thing and that if I want to keep the old stuffed animal I better put it away. Snoop is a happy cat.

Summer 2000 – Finds out that a space gun that shoots rubber rings can control a cat’s jumping.

Winter – 2000 – Shows us that he knows how to use the toilet too. We save a bundle on cat liter. He also proves that he is a gentleman, as he jumps off the seat… after you mama. Then returns to do his bit.

I am not going to come to your orders, well, not unless little bro snaps at me, then I will run across the yard and slink into the house without question. (Still can’t think why he acted that way.) Then again, he got his bit back at little bro (who is slightly allergic) by laying on his bed, coat… etc.

Somewhere around the nineth year of his life, he lost all of his teeth, except his canines, I still remember him cussing out the girls at the vet’s office when I picked him up. It was no different a few years later when he lost the rest.

Then there are the highlights… escaping outdoors, razzing the neighbor’s dog, figuring out what a mouse is, running for the house at full tilt when mama starts up the space gun (you can hear it from across the yard). Breaking the second of the antique swans. Being with mama through 2 more knee surgeries. Taking over the bed at night. Yelling for attention … because. Plus; too many other things to list.

Yes, our Snoop was all about attitude…. Proud, demanding, sensitive, loving, caring, exhibiting signs of being more human than we sometimes appear to be.

His last gesture was to flick his tail at the vet.

November 2014 – Goodnight my sweet Prince.

18 thoughts on “Sassy until the end… Snoop

  1. Liette Bougie says:

    I’M so sorry Mary Ann… What a beautiful tribute to Snoop. I’m crying. Those fur balls, they do have a way to fill our life, don’t they?

  2. Sarah Howells says:

    Auntie, so sorry about Snoop. He will be missed by all. It takes them only seconds to worm their way into our hearts…as he did with everyone. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

  3. AL says:

    I can barely think straight right now. I can’t register Snoop is gone. I’m in shock. I am so sorry hon. So sorry. I will miss him so so much

  4. maabraham says:

    We all will,especially some who used to come to the door asking if he was home so they could pet his velvet pelt. He would purr for them

    Oh yes, can’t forget the neighbor’s dog. 😉

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