Ah, yes… blowing raspberries.

It is another chilly, overcast, Saturday. b0403 I have seen so many of those days this year I am beginning to believe the Adam’s family might like to move into the area. sad-face Yes, I know, gripping again. AddEmoticons04279 I should be thankful there isn’t two feet of snow out there. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Not to worry, Halloween is coming, so must the bad weather. nervous-934 I have to wonder sometimes who wrote the law that says Halloween must bring out the most horrific conditions. AddEmoticons04259 Glaring road conditions, caused by freezing rain, snowstorms, cold damp that leaves every child in the neighborhood shivering in their little fairy suits, (with colds to follow to pass on to those who didn’t go out trick or treating in the schools). winter-7650 Isn’t Halloween fun? AddEmoticons04279 Even the candy and chips end the evening being dumped from their little catch containers shivering. AddEmoticons04263 Then again, they are being dumped somewhere warm. Yes, and everyone knows what happens the moment the little darlings get home from their travels, bedtime. (Chips anyone?) AddEmoticons04258

I still remember my nieces coming to aunty’s with their goodie hoard and asking if I would take their chocolate tootsie rolls because they didn’t like them. AddEmoticons04240 (Whipping out thermometer to check to see if they were sick.) fever-and-sick The sacrifices we make for children.AddEmoticons04231

UPS did it to me again. AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04 I really don’t like that company much. AddEmoticons04256 They left the replacement paperback proof for Luthien’s Song at the printers. AddEmoticons04247 It is in Winnipeg now, but they aren’t delivering, because it is Saturday. AddEmoticons04219 10-01-52 That means they will drop it off on Monday the last thing of the day before they go home. AddEmoticons04236 10-17-45 It is a good thing we have lots of time to get these in, because if the proof worked out, like it should, I will consider myself lucky to have the final copies here for Halloween. AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40 After Halloween, Sarah will be working on ‘First Contact’, that is the final edit. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon You will hear more about that at it happens. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36 Isn’t this fun?nervous-934

Snoop is no happier with the weather than I am,cat 28 and you can compound his complaints as he got stung by a wasp. cat 44 He was not a happy camper, not that I blame him. CatSmiley11 He had to go see the V-E-T (notice I spelled it in case he heard that word?) cat 45 Yes, he knows where he is the moment we place him on the examination table.cat 54 He sure doesn’t like it much when she takes that cold thermometer and… well, you know.cat 45 Majorly, injured, dignity. He feels I should hold him more now,cat 26 he deserves extra TLC ..cat 36. cuddling ..cat 3. curling up in bed with ..cat 53. holding ..cat 22. and general attention.cat 50

Well, this is getting long, and it is time I moved my lazy self (no, I don’t want to) smiley-confused005 and got some work done. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon I am hosting an event on FB for an hour, I am going to make pies to freeze in case of emergencies, and write a chapter on either Integration or ‘For the King and Elven Empire’. AddEmoticons04259 10-08-34 Then there is the last 100 pages of a book I started reading a couple days ago to finish. AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40 Yes, I have been procrastinating. giggle-animated-animation-giggle-smiley-emoticon-000389-large I know it is time to start writing seriously again when I am sick and tired of reading.AddEmoticons04263 22-49-23

Trotting off to see about starting one of the projects I am trying so hard to avoid..AddEmoticons04260. I bid you Adieu, and until next week, have a good one.AddEmoticons04225 10-09-00

2 thoughts on “Ah, yes… blowing raspberries.

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    Another fun one; Don’t blame you in the least for being upset with UPS they have done this to you before the Jacka–es. Sorry. At least you have plenty of tome so they didn’t mess you up quite as bad this time. LOL Poor Snooper give him extra hugs he does deserve it for the bite and the you know who. Poor baby. Loved the blog see you at the event.

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