Booting Right Along

Yes..AddEmoticons04262. Doing happy dance. 1317309lsk5aj07xu The proofs for ‘King’s Daughter’ and ‘Luthien’s Song’ have been ordered for the paperback copies. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon This is good news. AddEmoticons04237 Cora has done the artwork for the collector cards,super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon only the bookmarker to do now. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon I am hoping to have everything done on that line by the end of the week, with the actual articles all ordered. AddEmoticons04258 10-25-31 Boogity, Boogity… Cora is also working on the cover of ‘For the King and Elven Empire’ and I am sure this is going to be good.AddEmoticons04235 Anyone ready for another cover reveal in a weeks.AddEmoticons0424 LOL?AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

I am getting advance indications from reviews that both ‘Luthien’s Song’ and ‘First Contact’ is being well received,AddEmoticons04228 although ‘First Contact’ has not finished edits yet. AddEmoticons04259 10-08-34 (one more month and I should have it in my greedy little hands so that it can be fixed and passed to Becca for formatting.) AddEmoticons04261 Crossing fingers things continue to go as they have been. AddEmoticons04274 22-59-06

Even Mother Nature is cooperating, with the promise of a week of warmer weather and possibly clear skies. AddEmoticons04228 That would be a change. AddEmoticons0424 Snoop is all for this forecast,AddEmoticons00954 he complains daily that he didn’t get enough sun,addemoticons00932 22-11-37 and for a change, I agree. AddEmoticons00916 He is spending way too much time in bed, and the feather blanket is in desperate need to airing out, again. AddEmoticons00949 I can’t go within 10 ft. of that bed without the odor of cat sweat hitting me. AddEmoticons00937 OY! Snoop, you need a bath. AddEmoticons00950-1 As if. AddEmoticons04263 22-49-23

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada,turkey-waving and I am expecting Candy to show up to help with the turkey,animated_thanksgiving_dinner_at_smileys and whatever else we can think up. chasing-baked-turkey(Not to worry, we will be able to do this without too many problems,TurkeysDancingDivider our minds are active and still able to think up stuff our mothers would have us kneeling in corners for. pumpkin-pie-2 Well, we might think them, but do them? AddEmoticons04263 22-49-23 Nah.

Going to make this short. AddEmoticons04240 22-18-24 I have a synopsis to write … etc… etc… etc. smiley-confused005nervous-934 Oh yes, and a turkey to pull out of the freezer. 8_5_28 Until next week, have a great time.thanksgiving-prayer

Next stop Halloween. smiley_bruja

2 thoughts on “Booting Right Along

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    This was a especially good blog. Enjoyed it a lot. So excited the reviews are coming back good on both books ,but I never doubted that they would be good. Hope you and Candy have a great Thanksgiving together, wish I could be there to. Happy Thanksgiving to you .

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