Things are a-changing

I just hit the new post button to write up my blog…AddEmoticons04280 they changed things…AddEmoticons04268 just when I was beginning to get used to the way the old one worked.AddEmoticons04264 What are they doing to me?sad-face Now I am totally lost, but I shall learn again. AddEmoticons04224Sigh. To be fair I have found a few tags that I recognize, not many, but they are there and maybe there is hope for me yet.AddEmoticons04263

I had a decent night’s sleep, AddEmoticons04274Snoop only got me up 4 times. cat 36He is sleeping in this morning and will probably come to see what I am up to in a few 22 He actually enjoyed this week as I was being 3 Parts of that is about to change cat 26as I am not only determined to read several books before I leave for the mountains on the 16th, cat 45yes, that is right, I am leaving town and the Snoop cat behind for a while. CatSmiley11No, he will not be a happy camper, cat 32but I am only going to be gone 9 days.  He has people who will see to all his needs. cat 54

We are bracing for the results of last weekends deluge,AddEmoticons04279 further West of us they got up to 24 inches of rain and it is headed for us via the waterways.AddEmoticons04268 It isn’t pretty and you really have to feel for the people who have been hit by that. AddEmoticons04264We only got a portion of it and I thought that was bad. I have been thinking for years now that there was a time when where we live used to be the bottom of a huge glacial lake and mother nature is trying to refill it. sad-facePeople who live by the lakes here are beginning to think the same thing as their homes go underwater again.AddEmoticons04280 There is just no end to the wet stuff and it is destroying people’s lives. AddEmoticons04268My heart goes out to them as time after time they work to rebuild their lives.  They are brave people.

In the time I have taken to rest my mind has slowly been gathering information about the two books I am working on… AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02I really haven’t written anything on them, just let the stories filter through the fog.AddEmoticons04258 The novella that was supposed to come out about the Eagle Claw family in the High Kingdom will be a full novel,AddEmoticons04263 that means I will only release 3 novels and 1 novella next year, sorry.AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 (Probably) Snoop seems content with that count and I am thinking that if he is, so will everyone 53 10-16-27

Well, signing off here, hoping everyone had great national holidays and that things will improve on the flood front. AddEmoticons04274Don’t you wish things were ideal for everyone all over the Earth?Smiley-Begging What a world that would be.








2 thoughts on “Things are a-changing

  1. emilylucero says:

    Glad you are getting some reading in. I feel very bad for the people facing having those homes flooded again. It makes me wonder why people keep rebuilding in areas that are prone to flooding. They have more strength of will than I do by a long shot. I think I would move but all places have their own problems I guess. Loved the blog and it is fine with me there will only be 3 novels and a SS next year I am sure FTK@TEEwill be worth it.

    1. maabraham says:

      Yes, the water situation is scary. Each year it seems to be the same and not only in the spring melt time like it used to be. There are fields and fields of crops expected to go underwater.

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