What more could a girl want?

Yup, I think I hit the jackpot this week. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 The cover for My Darling, Janice done and being well received,AddEmoticons04258 the book almost ready to be formatted and a warm pussycat to cuddle up with. cat 26  He is so pleased you can hear him purr from the other side of the room. cat 53 10-16-27

I am relaxing at the moment, visiting with little bro while he is in townAddEmoticons04263, and getting in some reading. AddEmoticons04262 You heard me right, reading, as in something someone else wrote. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I am very happy about that. AddEmoticons04263 It is time I got to do a bit of that.  In April I will start on ‘First Contact’  that book is getting more and more set in my mind, it should make an interesting beginning to the series.

Snoop is good with all this..cat 36. for now he gets to cuddle while I read, though he likes to stretch out across my chest from shoulder to shoulder. cat 22 That makes it hard to see the book because he likes to poke his nose against mine and give kitty kisses. cat 36 (and leave cat hair in my mouth)  Still not sure how he does that, maybe it has something to do with rubbing hims furry little body all over my face. cat 53 Still squirming and brushing hair off my face. cat 28 He turns into a bit of a furnace at night too.

We are both so ready for spring, and I know it is out there somewhere, just not here yet and the weatherman is saying that while it will be in the single digits starting when little bro leaves…AddEmoticons04280 … we can’t expect actual plus weather for a while yet..AddEmoticons04268. well, to be fair, maybe a day here or there. AddEmoticons04279  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel we had a nasty winter and who isn’t ready to welcome some color in their world. AddEmoticons04274  Snoop is even willing to go out side in this minus weather as long as he gets to feel the sunlight, this is so not Snoop. cat 45

Well, it is time to head off, things to do, books to read, dishes to do. AddEmoticons04224

Until next week..AddEmoticons04257. have a good one. cat 36

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