FREEDOM…. well maybe for a while

AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02AddEmoticons04262 As I said earlier on my Facebook page, yes, it is true Luthien’s Song is finished and in the editing stage. AddEmoticons04258 I ended the first edit/rewrite at 88447 words.AddEmoticons04263  Yes, I know that doesn’t mean a whole lot to many people, but that is the way it is.  For some reason that is how people who write compute the size of their books. (mass confusion)  This one is going to be as large as Life Mate to a King.AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 (well, maybe not quite.) but close.  For those who would prefer page numbers LM to a K finished at 368 or there about. AddEmoticons04267

Snoop is loving the inactivity, cat 3in fact he had a little nap by my side a short while ago, followed by a good pet down and 26. I left him purring on the bed half an hour 53.. now he is sitting beside me on the computer desk waiting for me to take him back to bed for more of the same. cat 26 Throwing kitty kisses, and hugs…cat 36. and yes, purring.  He doesn’t think he got 42. and those blue eyes of his?  cat 22They look black. LOL  Now he is trying to climb on my shoulder… hint hint… Trying to type here cat.  Oy! sad-face

Anyone want to place bets how long this lasts? AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Not meaning Snoop, that is an ongoing thing… we all know Snoop by now to know he isn’t about to give up on what he considers a good thing. cat 53 10-16-27 He is not going to be impressed with my desertion, he knows I am not 54.. I am not running around the house with a pen and writing pad.  Still… suck it up 45. I know, my fault, felt sorry for the poor old guy last Sunday and spent the afternoon in bed doing edits with him. cat 28 If you see a few paw prints on the finished copy you will know his input. cat 54 In the meantime he is walking off, flicking his tail at me and giving me these looks over his shoulder… give him five minutes he will be back on that feather blanket screaming “mama”  Don’t you just love Siamese kitties?cat 45


The weather is warming up… AddEmoticons04262or so they say and I can hardly wait… anything about -20 seems like summer if there isn’t a wind to drive the windchill into the -40s making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon  I am so sick of white it seems like the only color I see any more is in my dreams.  AddEmoticons04237 Little bro is coming home next week.  giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticonAnd he is bringing paperwork with him. nervous-934I am so excited. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticonWell, with the idea of cutting grass in the back of my mind and the book written I fell rather elated… clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon So I will go on my way, grab a book that I didn’t write and join Snoop.  Until next Saturday… have a good one.

2 thoughts on “FREEDOM…. well maybe for a while

  1. emilylucero says:

    Pet spoiled kitty for me. LOL I hope but I won’t take a bet that you go at las two weeks before you get started again. You are so caught up you could take a month. Can’t see you doing that. I read the new reviews on TID on A and B@N. Really good she did the book justice. Wish I could write one that good your books deserve it.

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