Cabin Fever

Things are back to normal, except that I am beyond tired. AddEmoticons04263 The winter has gotten to me big time and I am beginning to have visions of hearing the words this year that I heard from my nephew last year as thaw began… AddEmoticons04280“That was eerie, I stepped on the snow and I heard a crack that sounded like muffled thunder as the whole yard seemed to sigh before the top layer of the snow collapsed.”AddEmoticons04262  I could see brown grass a week later.  Sometimes a person has to wonder about these things. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Think about it, we celebrate because winter arrives (partly because we don’t have to cut the grass, then we spend months grumbling because we have snow, and yes it has to be shoveled. ) AddEmoticons04264 The pristine whiteness gets boring and we want some color back into our lives, so Mother Nature gives us what we want AddEmoticons04268 (eventually as when she is good and ready), so that we can grumble about how we have to cut the grass.

AddEmoticons04262My Darling, Janice has now gone into 5th stage edits and I believe I should be getting the final stage of Guardians of the Future back for polishing before it goes to Becca.AddEmoticons04257  Singing … ‘and another one bit the dust’.  King’s Daughter is still in 1st stage edits and Lúthien’s Song in pushing onwards into the last 30% of rough draft stage.AddEmoticons0423  After King’s Daughter has finished 1st stage it will graduate into 2nd while Living in the Light moves into 1st to take its place. 1317309lsk5aj07xu AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I am hoping to have the rough draft of Lúthien’s Song done by the end of the month. AddEmoticons04224 No promises.

Snoop is in kitty heaven, yes, the dog is gone,cat 50 not that mama has any more time for him than she did before, but now he has her to himself. cat 42 The cat food put out is now his and not theirs. cat 53 He does tend to push his luck with her and keep warning him, never underestimate the power of a woman who has reached the point of ENOUGH FROM 45  You don’t give attitude if you don’t want any back.

Well, time to grab a bowl of something for breakfast,cat 26 Snoop will want the bit of milk from the bottom of the bowl 36(Another thing he doesn’t have to share anymore.)  He says after that I am supposed to curl up on the bed with him and write while he sings me a song. cat 22

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