Last comments of the year

Thought you would never hear the end of me this year, didn’t you?  AddEmoticons04224  All years come to an end, sooner or later.  AddEmoticons04258  I am hoping everyone had a great Christmas surrounded by family and friends who were not hostile.  bth_thXMas-Carols  (These things are important – good will towards men and all that)  Does sarcasm count?  AddEmoticons04280Probably.  How about sarcasm with a grin? AddEmoticons04263

Snoop says to tell everyone he had a great Christmas, no dogs visiting this year, but he knows something is coming up because he got extra gifts this year… yep, he is feeling good about this, 9 gifts for the snoop cat this year. cat 53 10-16-27 He purred in appreciation at each one, except the sign that says “One spoiled cat lives here.” cat 28  That was given to him by my sister.  cat 36  He loves her but knows better than to jump on the table and saunter over to her side unless he is looking for air miles.  cat 42  Sis is a cat lover, but they do no belong on the table, acceptable is walking on the floor and jumping up into the arms. cat 26

Everything was a shambles here this year, people came, but had a thousand things to do and go with time limits so no one stayed for long. AddEmoticons04274  Snoop greeted each as they came, except for the children, those he ran from. cat 54  He was on hand to see them off too, even the youngsters.  cat 3  He then screamed because he wanted to get cuddled in bed.  Like he is doing now. lol. cat 45

We have a weather condition here right now known as a clipper, though the Dakotas are getting it worse than we are.  smiley3527 That means that the roads are nasty and visibility is the pits.  It is also about to get very cold again, which is why the brunt of the storm is hitting down South, the North is pushing down with a strong HI system. cat 53 (Move over Snoop)  Grabbing pen and paper and scooting him over.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from the Snoop Cat, the Elves, and I (yes, he gets first billing.  What can I say.  See you in the New Year.  AddEmoticons04262

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