Murphy deserves a visit from Serenity

Yes, Murphy has been working over time.  making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon  Not only has poor Eni been in an accident, but little bro’s Christmas holiday time has been backed up a day.  MSN-Emoticon-sad-crying-025  He is not a happy camper.  AddEmoticons04268  He was supposed to arrive from the West coast last night, but the weather was not cooperating.  winter-7650  He stayed at the airport for over eight hours before they flew him into Calgary with the guarantee that he would be going on into Winnipeg.  He spent the night in Calgary, they are flying him into Vancouver, then on to Winnipeg, expected in around midnight.  AddEmoticons04236

Because of all the commotion neither Snoop nor I got any sleep to mention last night.  AddEmoticons00937  He is currently sleeping peacefully, was too tired to even nag me to go lay down with him this morning for an extra snooze.  cat 22  Poor old pussycat.  cat 3  He did poke his nose at the screen before he left to let me know he wanted everyone to know I wasn’t to forget to wish everyone a Merry Christmas so people would know he appreciated all the cards he got in the mail.  AddEmoticons00916  Yep, you guessed it, he got enough to make me feel like Charlie Brown… but that is alright, we share. AddEmoticons00949

Well I am going to make this short, writing another chapter on ‘King’s Daughter’, hosting a mini event, and making last minute preparations for Christmas.  building-snowman-smiley-emoticon  I want to wish everyone the best Christmas ever and I will be in touch before the New Year. 08


Have a Merry Christmas.  bth_thXMas-Carols


From the Snoop Cat and I.

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