I can do this in my sleep

The routine is getting to be so set with Snoop that we both have our roles set for the night.  Image  I climb onto the bed… after hours of listening to him scream because he wants to have company while he sleeps.  Image (well, maybe not hours)  Often he just sits on the desk beside the computer and stares at me.  Image  Hint, hint.  If that doesn’t work he sits on the keyboard or tries to climb onto my arms.  Image (like now, and it isn’t even night time yet.

I finished off the rough draft of ‘Living in the Light’ yesterday.  Image and have it typed out.  The hard copy is now sitting in the rework pile.  That leaves me with ‘King’s Daughter’ and “Luthien’s Song’ to finish writing for next year … Image  and I am at the 1/3 mark on both of those.  Image  Cora is working on the cover for ‘First Contact’ and I should be seeing the finished product shortly.  Image It is gorgeous… you are going to love it when I show it off. I have hit the 10% mark on writing that one.  Image I am lucky it is a 2015 release.

It is cold outside… Image a reminder that we live in Canada and I hope not a forecast for colder things to come.  Image.  Snoop won’t go within ten feet of the outside door, he knows where it is warm. Image (He tends to hibernate in winter)  The forecast for today including windchill is -34C… they call it an Arctic high.  Bright skies, and biting cold winds.  Image  Time to visit the bros in Kelowna, except that one is coming here for Christmas so it would be a very short trip.

That is another thing.  Image  Christmas.  Is anyone ready for it? Image besides Snoop?  He has been keeping an eye on what he would like through the window.  038822077048eb1a42a048e_thumb He has even been trying to bribe it to come in.  Image Not working.  So he is content to Image ,  Image , and Image .  Until someone gets tired of hearing the rumpus and goes to lay down with him for a while until he gets settled.

As far as doing this in my sleep, it is simple, and he does it all the time as he pokes his wet little nose in my face and purrs, until I gather him in my arms, turn his back to me and pull him under the feather blanket.  cat 26


2 thoughts on “I can do this in my sleep

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    Big hugs to Snoop. I have sent out cards you should be getting one soon. I have all bought and wrapped that I am going to. Well I cheated and used bags. LOL So yeah I am ready. Enjoyed this very much.

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