What we won’t do

Ever notice what some people won’t do for their morning cup of coffee?  Image  I am not a coffee drinker, so I don’t fall into this category, I have other faults.  Image  I have seen people literally drag themselves across the kitchen to get to the coffee pot, and the stronger the better.    In fact I have seen people who like coffee so strong it makes other coffee drinkers cringe (#1 bro is like that.)  Image  I believe I have heard what people calls the coffee he likes sludge.    There are all types, the grouch,  Image  the touch that cup and I will kill you type,  Image  they all end up the same way, one sip and it is grin, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  Image  None coffee drinkers cannot understand it though they can appreciate the effect.  Image  We had a kitten once that was a coffee drinker, we called him cheeky.  Image  His owner told him to get out of mom’s coffee once, because he was taking sneak licks at it.  He looked at her, turned those gorgeous blue eyes onto mom, she told the owner to leave her cheeky alone, and the kitten looked at the owner, stuck out his tongue and went Nyet. 

I am in the dog house with Snoop this morning.  Image  He screamed early that he wanted to be fed, well, it wasn’t that early, 6;30 (but it is a Saturday). Image   Alright, alright, coming.  While I am up I might as well clean up his pan (hasn’t been done for a couple days.)  Image  He watched, I finished, supersonic cat into the pan. Image   What is it about a clean litter pan that makes them think it needs using, and IMMEDIATE cleaning again.    Scream, scream, scream.  Image  Not happening cat.  Dirty look, fine.  Image   Heads for bed, flicking tail at me.  Image  Scream, scream, scream.  Image  Now what? (As if I didn’t know)  Yup, I was right.  Image  He is on top the bed watching the door for me to come…. tossing me kitty kisses as soon as I appear.  Image  Not happening cat, though by now it is 7:30 and I think I might as well get up because I have to work.  Image  Sigh, from the both of us.  Image  He flops himself onto the feather blanket, curls up and gives hopeful looks when I don’t leave.  Image  He doesn’t look so happy when I change and put on socks though, he knows what that means.  Image  I am not going back to bed.   

Eniko said I was supposed to give him thank you cuddles for the part of the parcel he included in what I sent her. (at least it wasn’t a hairball)  Image  Well, he purred, but he let me know it was for her and not for me.  Image  Definitely done under duress.  Image  Not to worry, it will just be a matter of a short time that he will come back to sit on my chest between my book and my eyes, looking for attention.  Image

Meanwhile I have a book to finish reading, and baking to do… oh yes, and books to order… I ran out of certain titles in my signed pile. Image   Here goes again.  Image  Oh, and before I forget, for all our American friends, have a great Thanksgiving week.  I will put two parts of Champions up on the forum this upcoming week.  Image  That will leave one more to go and it will be finished.  Image  Should I do another? Image   Good question. Image   I will think about it.  Image  Definitely NOT before Christmas.  So until next week… Image  and have a great week.

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