We have got ‘Embracing the Light’ going through test and when it passes we will release it. Image This always takes time, and it varies from book to book, this one is just a Novella. Image But it is a fun one.

Snoop has settled in for the season. Image He has decided it is too cold outside for him, and he isn’t going. Image That means more daytime hour sleeps for him.  And less night time hour sleeps for me.  Image Something is definitely wrong with this picture.  I found out last night that he needs his nails trimmed. Image They are sharper than a hypodermic needle.  Image When he isn’t trying to sleep on my face, Image and kiss me with his cold wet nose and tongue, Image he is on top of my hip. Image purring and poking me with those nails. Image  Every hour it is like Image Mom, mom, mom… I never had children, is it like that with them too? Image Would make a great poster reason for spay and neutering… Image (which he could care less about, because it has nothing to do with him anymore) … and celibacy … Image .

Well, that is about the way it is, I have been busy, either writing or otherwise working.  Today is the Santa Claus parade (locally) Image I am not going, but Snoop is going with friends.  Image It is a nice day for it.  I am staying home… Image trying to catch up with a little rest… or working… Image decisions, decisions.

Well, it is time I signed off here.  I have an event to plan, prizes to decide on, a chapter to write, a few chapters to read, and stuff like that.  In the meantime, Image have a good day, and we will meet again here next week. Image


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