A Busy Weedend Coming Up

Why you ask?  Image  Most of you who have figured out why already from past posts… you got it… little bro is coming home.  Image  This time for two days, he wants to make sure the yard is ready for winter.  Image  Mowing grass for the last time,  gathering leaves and stuff that lay around collecting the white rain that falls… you know what I am talking about.  Image  I know, I know… but I am not quite ready to use that four lettered word yet.  I wouldn’t complain if we had at least another two months of this type of weather before things started cooling down more.  Image


Why?  Image  Because I have things to do that don’t include ice and having to drive on it. 


Snoop knows what is coming.  Image  He is already huddled under the feather blanket when he isn’t he is nagging me about changing the weather outside so he can go out.  He can see that it is still dry, but that North wind is for the birds (it blows into his ears and makes them almost flap)… even the birds are beginning to fly South.  Image  Deserted again.  As long as these pesky crows go I will be happy… loud mouth critters.  Speaking of loud mouth birds, the Canada geese are beginning to gather, not so much yet, but I know what is coming.  They gather in the river close by and never give a sleeping human a moment to sleep. As soon as the water freezes over they will be gone, but none of that has happened yet.  Image   When it does I wonder if that will mean our snow owl will come back.  Image That would be nice… he is pretty… maybe he will bring Tamarak with him or her.  Image


While little bro works his magic outside, I will be indoors, making an early Thanksgiving dinner and doing paperwork.  Image  Sigh.  I have to do mine too.  Yes, I know I am procrastinating.  Image


You may or may not have noticed that my November release slipped out early.  Image  That wasn’t planned, and no, it does not mean I will fit in another next year because there is more room.  Image  Maybe I shouldn’t say anything, but it was a question that was asked.  Embracing the Light has the wrong date on it too, but on the other side of the release date.  Dec. 15 instead of Dec 1… will have to find a way to release that one early so it gets out in time.  Image  It is sooo funny… had a great time writing that one.  I guess I should do a lot of things.  Image   The world doesn’t revolve around a pen and paper, so until next week.  Take care… from this side of the world that does revolve around a pen and paper.  Image

2 thoughts on “A Busy Weedend Coming Up

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    Always sad when your blogs are over. LOL Always enjoy them so much. First strip on afghan done and second coming right along. Hope it is awhile before someone else is PG. LOL Give Snoop a hugs

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