Time to get serious

Well, the weather is turning cool.  Today we have clouds and rain.  Image  Which means Snoop will be in bed most of the day where it is warm and cozy.  Image  Yes, he will expect me to join him, and all things considered, I probably will.  Image  I am, after all reading a book, Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Image  I know… I have been warned… depression… anger… and frustration at the stupidity of some of the characters.  Image  I have to agree… his father needs a serious smack on the side of the head.  Image  His sister is a self-centered piece of work.  Image  and his uncle should be sent to a vet who works on dirty surfaces for tutoring.  All this and I only have gotten past 130 of the book… Image

I was asked to release my 2014 release list which I did on the forum, but thought it might be a good idea to do here as well.  So… here goes.

Feb 11, 2014   Return of the Legend           Elven Chronicles book 5

April 23, 2014  Guardians of the Future     Elven Children

June 20, 2014  My Darling, Janice    Historical Romance

Aug. 1, 2014  Champions                  Novella

Sept 20, 2014    King’s Daughter       Elven Chronicles   book 6

Nov. 3, 2014     Lúthien’s Song        Elven Chronicles  book 7

Dec 7, 2014       Living in the Light     Elven Children

These are what I am hoping for, but the dates are mainly tentative.  Image  Also working on a couple new series.  Image  Will probably touch on those as it gets closer to the time when I am getting things written… but first book 6 & 7…  Image  … short stories and Novellas can be written in a few weeks when you are on a roll, but full novels are another thing.  Image  Well, it is time to go.  I have someone waiting for me… Image  with a good book. Image  He is all excited, and purring loudly.  Until next week… Image  and have a good one while I read and Image .

Not much fun today, but… this is about serious stuff… and it is a good thing I have a heavy supply of pens on hand.

8 thoughts on “Time to get serious

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    Quite a scediule you have st for yourself. I would worry but I know you have written a few already. Decided to do the kids story at Christmas I am glad they make Christmas brighter.already. LOL Finished Styxx will never read it again but glad I did the first time. I have never hated a character in a book as much as Estes. He died to easy. I would tell you to enjoy your read but for me there was no joy it was just finding out facts .

  2. Sacree Noir says:

    Hey, no spoilers guys. I had to quit reading that one cause RL got too serious. Had to switch to SK’s Avalon books. And maybe the Roman later. Even Ash’s book didn’t take me this long to read.

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