It Looks Like Fall

The leaves are turning colors and falling, and it is beginning to have the odd night where it dips into the frost zone.   MSN-Emoticon-frozen-122 Sooooo, I had them install a new furnace so I don’t freeze my digits. winter-7650  These things are important.    Snoop is grateful, he doesn’t have to hide under the feather blanket anymore, he can sit in front of the register where the warm air can blow over him and give him earaches.  addemoticons00954   He doesn’t care at this point, but when he is having issues he will let me know.  addemoticons00932

The new furnace isn’t perfect, something isn’t right… almost melted.  AddEmoticons04232  Thermostat is set for 21, and it hadn’t quit at 28C.  Can anyone spell sauna?  MSN-Emoticon-036  When I shut off the heat mechanism the fan wouldn’t quit running, though that isn’t on either… sigh… someone goofed up somewhere and I am not taking the blame.    MSN-Emoticon-nonono-110So there.  sacando-la-lengua14

Finished the rough copy of ‘Growing Pains’ yesterday.. AddEmoticons04257 10-08-14  . still might rename that, though in some ways it is appropriate.  AddEmoticons04263 09-07-51  Those Elven children sure have their parents tied in knots.  AddEmoticons04258 10-08-18  I won’t mention what they are doing to poor Daroth.  AddEmoticons04263 10-25-26  He might be able to rule a nation, but he is at a total loss how to handle a generation of powerful Elven children.  AddEmoticons04225  They love him, as long as he doesn’t cross the line.  AddEmoticons04263 10-25-26

Well, going to be a busy day here again.  AddEmoticons04258 10-08-18  Have people coming, going to finish another chapter on ‘Luthien’s Song’ …  AddEmoticons04267 12-44-24  got half of it done yesterday.  Hadn’t planned on that.  AddEmoticons04262 21-08-33  I have a feeling about that short story…. uhmmmm… maybe novelette… dare I say the word… novel?  AddEmoticons04254  There is so much information running through my mind and I want to release ‘King’s Daughter’ first.  AddEmoticons04279  Good thing I have a winter and a summer to separate now from the release time somewhere next fall… haven’t set a time there yet.  AddEmoticons04267  I could be releasing two Elven Chronicle novels back to back…  Do you think people would like that?  AddEmoticons04280  Will see what happens, the books haven’t been written yet so it is early days.  AddEmoticons04279

Well, I guess it is time I got off my assets, did some dishes… and prepared for what is to come later today.  AddEmoticons04263  Wish me luck and good writing. AddEmoticons04261AddEmoticons04228  With luck we should have ‘Theory In Depth’ and ‘Embracing the Light’ formatted by the end of the day.  AddEmoticons04235  Then I will pass on ‘Return of the Legend’ to Morganna for editing.  AddEmoticons04225  Still plan of taking a small brake and doing more reading, that month and a half I had planned on only lasted for a week and the pile of books I had planned on reading is still half there.  AddEmoticons04268

Until next week I am off and running, pen in hand…  AddEmoticons04262   going to have to get another, this one won’t last out the day… AddEmoticons04268  another pen bit the dust.  AddEmoticons00916

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