This is my weekend off… Right?

So last night I decided to go to bed early. Image  Pick up pen and paper because it is really too early.  Image  Add Ipad to play a game or two. Image  Take a book a long just in case. Image  All the bases are covered. Image  I don’t need to get out of bed unless I feel the urge. (You know the one.)


Even Snoop was being cooperative, despite sleeping most of the day to prepare for the night. Image  It is surprising how a little cool weather causes him to want to go into hibernation. Image  Can’t say I really blame him, sounds good to me right about too.  Unfortunately it didn’t end up going the way I expected.  Image


Why, do you ask?  Image  W-E-L-L… Image it goes this way…  Imagethe Elven Children took over my mind… Image and they are not being good little babies… Image well, maybe not so much that they are being bad, but they are being mischievous terrors …  Image I believe they are about to get grounded, though I am not sure what that means to an Elf…  Image right about now I would say that means, no wolf races, no unicorn races, no harassing the Pegasus horses, no jumping on Uncle Torrent, no skinny dipping in the river they are supposed to stay away from, no… no… no…  Image  I think you get the picture.  They are being children.


Writing about the next generation is always a hoot, Image they are so lively and one page turns into another until you look at the clock and go… oops.  Snoop doesn’t mind, Image he is stretched across my chest purring and giving me languid looks which means he is comfortable.  He isn’t even wanting to go outside so much lately, that feather blanket is looking better and better all the time, Image and it really isn’t that cold outside yet.  I think things are cooling down when I am forced to start wearing socks on a daily basis… correct me if I am wrong. Image


Well time to get back to the children,  Image they are all standing in line, dripping water off onto to grass, awaiting their Uncle Torrent & Uncle Marious’ decision… Image alright, alright… some call them daddy too.    Don’t expect their children to take a back seat.  Image Besides, they have to start finding out which pieces of clothing spread in a trail to the river belongs to whom. Image


Until next week… Image


Almost forgot… Becca is working on the Cafe Press link to the Elven Chronicles store… should be up soon… there will be more coming… things available through us and not them… things like this.   Image

2 thoughts on “This is my weekend off… Right?

    1. maabraham says:

      Looking forward to see what that expensive little bag looks like… lol. Then again it seems like everything is on the high side… sigh. Happy to hear you enjoyed it. And yes, the parents are finding out that their children are evolving differently than they were when they grew up… lol. Little stinkers.

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