Not up to snuff

That is the way my father would have teased me about how I am feeling to day… miss him but that is one of the misfortunes of life.  Feeling a little under the weather today, though considering the state of the weather I shouldn’t complain.  Maybe I will feel better as time passes.  Image  Crossing fingers because right now I am feeling a little… Image.  


Snoop doesn’t care, he is outside and as far as he is concerned the world is his oyster.  He will care later when he comes in, has a little something to eat and wants someone to nap with… Image not happening cat.


Little bro was home, and has returned to his new house… with a load of furniture… Image  He has some really nice stuff, but more than he will need.  He will figure it out.  Waiting to hear he got to the other end in one piece, he left late and was driving almost non-stop.  A long trip. Image  That is why I fly when I go there, a few hours and it is over… but I don’t take a cube van full of furniture when I go.  With luck both him and his son will still be… Image  as it is early.


Snoop isn’t so happy about some of what he took… he took his favorite blanket, the one he likes to curl up in his room with… Image  Yes, he knows bro is allergic to him, that is why he does it.  Now he is sending little bro Image hints.


Well will need to go… have a house to clean up … Image  so not up for this. Image.  Want to sit back and read… Image I have a new Christine Feehan book that is calling my name… Snoop is game to join in… Image  .. he will curl up on my lap.  He says he deserves the extra cuddles… Dance, Ballerina, Dance is ready for formatting, tomorrow Becca says… Image  Then the first copies can go to the reviewers and the others can do their double checks on the formatting… while we work on the edits on ‘Theory in Depth’  Loving my new editor so far… welcome to Morganna.  Image


2 thoughts on “Not up to snuff

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    Love the new editors name . Morgana sounds seductive. LOL I think I read a book where the heroine was Morgana. Loved your blog as usual and praying for you to feel better soon. Hugs to Snoop.

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