Going into the weekend tired

Yep, the little furry monster did it to me again… Image 

he slept all day, spent minimal time outside because of it, then wanted out for part of the night.  Not happening. Image

So in retaliation he walked all over me as I tried to sleep, tried to continuously stuff his furry body into my face, yowled his loud Siamese protest beside my ear and generally nagged me to the point of commitment.


Morning has finally happened and it has been hot and muggy to go with the wind up cat.  Sigh.  It is very foggy and he doesn’t like what that does to his fur…  Image  

you guessed it, damp and there is water that settles on it despite his best efforts… I leave him outside in it for effect and he gives he a look when he comes in… Image

you know the one.  He stuffs his face then comes to breathe the after effect of that rancid cat food into my face… Image

thanks cat, love you too.  Now he is on my bed screaming that he needs someone to curl up with to sleep… Image

not happening cat.

I have read a total of 3 books so far…  Image 

check the fingers, holding up 3, want to read another times that many before Dark Lycan and Stixx get here, which should be at the end of next week… Image

at the same time I have found the pictures I am going to use for the cover of King’s Daughter.  Image

Snoopy dancing all over the place… that means I have the covers picked for almost all next years releases, but better get busy writing again.  Image

Winter is a great time for writing because that is when I go into social hibernation.


I have a new editor, which I believe is good, crossing fingers that everything goes well.  If it does I am going to be so far ahead I will be working into the 2015/16 schedules… Image  Snoop will be extatic because it is more time for him.  You might think differently because I an 

not going to release more just because they are done… you have other authors to read.   Image  Snoop says that extra time is his.

There are some really good books coming out over the next year… really looking forward to this.  Sigh.  Right now I am reading Witch Wraith, then Heart Fortune, then The Third Kingdom, then Dark Lycan, the Stixx… then, well, we will see.  But you get the general picture what my next two weeks are shaping up like.  Image  Snoop will be happy about this. Image  because he knows there will be time for him for a change. (choke).

I also have little bro coming for several days, bookwork to do and general whatever is going to happen… Image  

fall is on the way and things will get busy for a while.  Image

On that note it is time for me to get a few things done and prepared room to get the things I want done ahead of time done.  Image and I am getting nagged by someone sitting beside the computer sending me kitty kisses. Image looking for attention.

Until next week, over and out.  Image (and if I remember I MIGHT tell you more about the new series I am planning)  Image  In the meantime I am going to put Snoop to work.  Image

2 thoughts on “Going into the weekend tired

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    Loved it so fun. You have made my day. Glad to hear you are getting some books read. In addition to Styxx and Dark Lycan, Lynsay Sands new one come in Sept. and a new In Death too. Yes lots of good books coming including TID ETL and RTL from you. I am in book heaven.

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