Were did the week go

It is time to write the blog again and I feel like I just finished writing the last one.  Little bro was supposed to come this weekend and that got delayed until next weekend… works for me, although that means he will be shipping his paperwork overnight and I have to rush through it to ship it back overnight.  Image


Snoop is in his glory, Mother Nature has turned up the thermostat outside and mama is allowing him time to enjoy the heat…   Image   yes, he is the type of kitty to lap up the sun… and I am the type of mama who wants him to shut his Siamese yowl up so I can think about the editing I am doing…  Image    he also jumps up into my arms and onto the papers if I try to ignore him… you wouldn’t put a purring pussycat down, would you mama?  Pet me.  Image


There is enough humidity in the air that we are supposed to expect it to feel like 45C outside… and to make that simple for those who are still using the F scale (over 100).    Image   That means we can expect convectional rainfall (monsoon season type action from Mother Nature that can make it feel like she is PMSing.   Image


I surprised myself this morning, woke up around 5 which is too early, and when to bed for another sleep… woke up at 9:30… WOAH… Snoop was cuddled in tight and softly purring…  Image    this means I am going to be late with the blog, but have a happy cat because he got to sleep in with mama and not just alone for a change.  I expect to hear him yowling for me to open up the cat food and let him outside anytime now.  Image  Yup, there he does, right on time…Muah  … sigh, never a sock around when you need something to stuff into his mouth.  Food only has a VERY time limited value… and it has to be Friskies and it has to be pate and it should be chilled on hot days and it has to be served in the same bowls as I eat from and the water beside the bowl should be chilled and not from the tap before he decides whether or not he will drink from it, either that or he will go to my room to drink from his glass on the dresser. (can we say spoiled?) Image


Well should get back to work, I am behind and still have 7 chapters to rework on Janice’s book, almost ready for the editing pile.  Image     Going to do some serious reading after that.  I have several good books coming and a stack of others to run through and I know they will be interrupted by edits.  Image     (I am going to post a question in the forum for members about a few upcoming releases)   Image    Membership does have a couple of privileges.   Image


So until next week…  Image  and I will get back to dual duty here… Image

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