Enough to make hair go grey

Not sure which was the most hair raising… and no, I am not making the items on my to do list go away.  It has been one of those weeks.  Image


Snoop got into who knows what outside, and got used motor oil on the fur of his back…   Imagewhich meant… you guessed it… he needed that part of his body washed…  Image did I ever mention that Snoop is the epitome of the word “cat” when it comes to water… so I ended up washing his back as he clung to my sweat shirt by four sets of claws and refused to be budge…  Image oh well, sweat shirt needed to be cleaned anyway… of course I was in the dog house until bedtime …   Image  bedtime is a whole new scenario… there I am fair game and it is cuddle time.  Image



My niece and her toddler came for a few days this week and I got to learn that she can take apps from the bottom of my Imac and make them go poof…   Image she can also cause her grand aunty to have heart failure…  Image yup, I thought she lost them all… Luthien’s Song, Return of the Legend, Merika’s Story, Princess Warrior, Dream Warriors, Equals, Lost in Myth, I could go on and on… it took me the whole afternoon to find those files… as well as all the apps except 4 on the bar.  Image   (Can we say grounded from the computer?)  Image


It doesn’t look right yet, but I wager I will get used to it and Becca will fix the rest when she comes…. Gotta love my techno bunny.  Image


In the meantime, I have reworked half of Janice and almost all of Champions, and sure, I am 5 chapters behind where I should be… but no one is holding a gun to my head to get any of it done… well, not those two anyway.   Image


The weather has warmed up, which means we have summer for another week, and that also means the highways are a nightmare because everyone is headed for the lakes.   Image


Grabbing chapters that need reworking in one hand, throwing a purring Snoop over the shoulder and heading for the bed to do some edits… enjoy.  Image




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