Freezing My Tail Feathers Off

The loud mouth rooster said it better.  In our case, where did the hot weather go, the North wind hasn’t quit blowing here almost all summer and you can feel the ice in it… this type of weather shouldn’t be here until September.  We haven’t had a frost yet, but perilously close.  Image  

Even the trees are shivering   Eden keeps assuring them that this is natural, (right…snort).  Image  

Bro phones from the Rockies and complains about the heat, and I tell him that he better bring his coat along because he will freeze after all that hot weather. (and he deserves every bit).  I know, my bad) Image


Been sitting back this week and doing whatever hits… wrote Chapter II of ‘King’s Daughter’ and it is almost sitting at 5,000 words already… they haven’t even gotten to their destination yet… and there is a lot going on there.     


Did up the copyrights for ‘Dance, Ballerina, Dance’ and it is being proof-read for errors, I guess the cover will be done in a couple of weeks, which means it will be ready for formatting shortly thereafter.  


Did a little reworking on the Elven Children’s short story, I only have Chapter I done on that but I know what is going into there… they might be older than they were in ‘Embracing the Light’, but they are still getting into trouble.  It is just that the trouble is now moved up a notch (or two).  Image


Had an idea in the middle of the night (and we ALL know how dangerous that is), I am thinking of holding a contest where the prize will be a signed copy of the combined short stories, your choice of edition.  One of the first copies off the presses would be shipped to the winner.  Which would mean that whoever won would get their copy before anyone else.  I know some people who would like that.  So let me know what you think about that idea.   Image


Snoop has been quiet this week.  He has settled to shiver in the sunbeams and hide under the feather blanket (which I have to air out because it smells suspiciously like cat).  He also keeps looking at me as if to say this cold weather is my fault and I better do something about it pretty soon.  Image  He wanted to be noticed at the end  Image  What’s a poor writer to do?  

2 thoughts on “Freezing My Tail Feathers Off

  1. emilylucero says:

    Wrap him in the feather comforter. LOL I would love to win the ss collection for sure I will be ordering it when I can anyway. LOL Our summer hasn’t been as warm as usual here either but not as cool as you are having. Enjoyed the blog very much as usual.

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