Something tells me

Ever get that sinking feeling that the next week is going to be one from the nether regions?   Image Sigh. 


I seem to be digging myself further and further into the mire of words that passes for my mind, and my life.  How do I get myself into these things?  Am I that easily led…  Image  

… don’t answer that… Image  

… just talking to myself. Image  

.  Yes, I do things like that when I am beginning to hear voices again… my doctor has booked me for another session… he wants to know what they are telling me… I keep trying to tell him that I am not supposed to tell, but he says I am not supposed to leave him hanging in mid air or he will begin to think that the voices aren’t real.  I have this feeling he doesn’t like cliffhangers.  Image


On an upscale note, the posters have arrived… Image  

… they are gorgeous.  So have the rest and I have put pictures of them up on my FB wall.  Becca was here on Thursday and we had time for a very quick conversation before she had to head for the vet’s to pick up her puppy.  He got a haircut, she got cherries, and more work.  Image


It looks like the books are going to be ahead of time…. Image  

For me …. Image  

And we will be putting them into place for release and pre-orders… yes, that was me dancing all over the place when I heard that news, SW announced pre-orders … I figure it this way, if SW is implementing that how long will it be before Amazon does the same thing.  Image  That means that places like B & N will have them available as pre-orders in the future.


I am of the opinion that I am releasing too many novels … again.  I am sure you all agree, so I am going to release less next year. Image  

I am sure there will be a lot of people who will be happy to hear that.  I have got half my list ready and have been picking at ‘King’s Daughter’ as well as ‘Lúthien’s Song’ and a short story about the Elves next generation.  That is usually lots of fun (those children need to be tied with Gabriel’s rope to settle them down a little, they are 7-8 years old and they are enjoying themselves just a little too much.)  


Snoop has been relatively quiet this week… give him a sunbeam and he is happy… he doesn’t like the wind because it bothers his ears, and let’s face it, the weather is cool. 


So until next week I will keep Image



2 thoughts on “Something tells me

  1. emilylucero says:

    What do you mean we will be happy you are releasing less books. That is a big fib . I would not be happy if that is your reason. Being able to pre-order your books would be great. I got beautiful pendant that I am wearing and neat pen set today. Love them.

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