It started on Tuesday with a pussycat with runny eyes and the sniffles who didn’t want to eat, drink or go outside.  Image  

Cuddle me mama, well, within reason.  But how can anyone resist those pitiful tear filled blue eyes.  So all right.  Extra TLCs for the rest of the day… Image  

… what happens when night hits?  He jumps off the bed, empties his dish, drinks, jumps on top me to perch and purrs… yes… you heard right purrs… Image  

with this self-satisfied smirk on his furry little face. Image 

I had to check the mirror after that to see if there was a Patsy sign blinking on me somewhere.


The next day he is doing fine, screams until I boot his ornery hide out the door then comes in and expects cuddles and extra TLC… not happening… Image  

… I am in the doghouse now… and the row of HC books that I have waiting for attention on the floor of my room as become a scratching post… Image  

OH NO WE DON’T… DEAD CAT.  Right.  The little control fiend is perched on the floor at the door right now giving me that… WELL?  Look… you know the one. Image  

.  Anyone want a used pussycat?  Loving, caring, cuddly, Siamese with attitude that would make the Christmas Elves look tame.  Likes to lay on top papers when you try to write, jumps onto your arms and lays across them when you try to type, expects you to get up at 4 am to give treats, (and I am beginning to suspect he is drinking from MY water glass on the dresser instead of his own suddenly.)  Image


I am currently reworking not 1 but 2… check the fingers, raising 2… 2 stories… not sure what people think about an ebook in September.  Maybe it is too much,  anyone think I should hold this back?  Image  

It is a short novel, about 60000 words.  I have several books about that length in my pile to be reworked.  (Sh, don’t tell anyone). Image


The weather has turned hot and muggy enough that when the neighbor’s dog decides he wants a drink he just needs to flash his tongue at the air.  The grass is growing faster than the riding tractor can cut and screaming na-na-na-na-nana as it sprouts up behind the mower when it gets cut. 


All things considered it has been a reasonable week, LM to a King is on the market, I have ordered the paperbacks to be distributed and it is another job done … now on to the next. Lol.  Image




    1. maabraham says:

      Few errors noted… lol. I am doing too much editing . 😛 I asked Snoop about extra attention, he looked at me blinked and boinked his ear in the direction of my room… not happening cat.

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