Wow – what a ride

This has been quite a week.  There has been no end of things to do and next week looks busier yet… yes, welcome to summer.  There are the outdoor things to take care of as well as the indoor chores, best part is that getting around outside is easier and doesn’t require 4 layers of outer clothing.  Image


We got the forum up and running this week… courtesy of Becca’s magic fingers, and we are beginning to gather a few members… members are nice… Image


We put the first bit of Champions on the forum and now the question remains, when to put up more… how does mid-week sound?  Every Wednesday I will put up a few more pages to add to the part that is already there and the story will grow a little at a time while it breaks up your week?  Of course we will still have these boring blogs on Saturdays to contend with, but usually Saturdays are exciting enough.  Right?  No one needs more Champions on a busy weekend.  Image


I have started to rework ‘Theory in Depth’ again… there are a few places I am not so happy with.  Any surprises there?  I put ‘Return of the Legend’  in the rework pile, although I am quite satisfied with that one the way it is, but I want to make sure.  I started a new one ‘Lúthien’s Song’ and although it is out of order in the great scheme of things, it is only a short story.  I can already hear the comments… the rolling of eyes… and groaning.  Holding up 3 fingers and making the boys scouts promise bit… I will do my best to make sure this story remains in the short story category (or at least the Novella).  Yes, I know I am not a boy… have to cover my butt in case of a runaway.  Again.  No… not going there.  Image


We had a power outage here the other day, which meant I went to sleep early… you know the saying early to bed, well the sun gets up before 4, which means I was awake and ready to stuff a sock in the beak of that bird that chirps outside of my window every morning when it showed up.  Image        I was also busy turning off lights that got left on and writing up a storm… wrote 3 whole chapters.


Well, I have to get back to the grind… have neglected my house terribly and little bro is coming next weekend.  That means I have to go to the airport at midnight the day he comes and pick him up… hope he knows how to drive a broom because he has the control on the way home.  Image


Well, Snoop is nagging, he has been outside, eaten and now wants someone to curl up with   Image… getting him a stuffed toy. 



4 thoughts on “Wow – what a ride

  1. emilylucero says:

    Would have thought Snooper already had a few stuffed toys. As far as keeping to a short story I am fine with it running away with you. LOL Middle of the week sounds fine to me. Congrats Becca on doing a great job on the forum. I am pulling for Kings Daughter to started yelling to let you get it done and the short story to back of you for awhile.. LOL Love the news letter as usual.

    1. maabraham says:

      Snoop has all the toys he wants, but he wants one who will pet him, and cuddle him, and… and … and you get the picture. I know where I am headed with King’s Daughter, just need to take the first step… but before I do that … I WANT TO WEAN DOWN SOME OF MY TBR PILE. lol. Happy you enjoyed the news letter.

  2. maabraham says:

    Snooper also beats up whichever stuffed toy he thinks I like, so I have to keep my Snoopy collection under glass… lol. So what do you think of my idea of putting up a few pages of Champions every Wednesday?

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