Becca has been furiously checking on ways to make Champions available to a member’s only crowd, and she thinks she has that cased.  Now, to get the connection in place so that everything works.  Image

The week has been interesting.  We have all but the last stages done on ‘Embracing the Light.’  Becca is making the cover. Candy is doing the last check on typos and other things before it goes into a file with the other information.  Candy is checking over the typos and looking over the first half of Life Mate to a King and I am going to see about what is up with the last half.  July is coming at us quickly.   AddEmoticons04270

I decided to go over Theory in Depth once more before sending it off for editing.  I am not quite satisfied with the … something.  Image   It is nagging at me and I have enough people around me nattering that I don’t need that as well.  I almost have Return of the King done, and it will end up about the size of Gabriel.  (The short story did have an end to it after all.)  It leads off into King’s Daughter very well.  Image

I caught a bug about mid-week.  Image  That was not fun.  I don’t mean the ticks that Snoop kept delivering in person, or one that infected my Imac.  It is over now, but I still want to sleep more.  I am not the only one who had problems this week.  Poor Albert. Eniko’s son is very sick and she hasn’t slept in days.  Keep it up Eniko and you will turn into one of Ava’s Zombie’s. Hoping Albert gets better quickly and that the sore throat Eniko is beginning to feel isn’t the same thing.  Image

Snoop has been in Kitty heaven this week.  Mama wasn’t feeling well, which meant that he had someone to curl up with when she wasn’t making multiple trips across the house.  When he wanted outside it was sunny and warm and he could just stretch out and catch a few well-deserved ZZZZs.  (Mom always said there was nothing lazier than a tomcat, except maybe a fixed tomcat).  When he felt energetic he would go into little bros room and lay on his blanket because it is soft and the sun comes through the window there.  Oh yes, and it is his birthday.  He is 14.   Image  Image

Next week I should be frantically working on other projects, little bro is coming for the weekend and that always is interesting.  I am also hoping to have the beginning pages of Champions up.  I have passed it over to a very special critic to check-over to see if it is worthy.  Well, it is time to trot off and do something useful, or hide so I don’t have to.  Until next week… take care, for those who are not feeling good, get well and keep

AddEmoticons04258      AddEmoticons04283


  1. Reneava says:

    Happiest birthday to you Snoop man!!!
    Looking forward to more of your goodies to read M.A.! Cannot wait to see how Theory in Depth turns out (squeee!)

    I hope you’re feeling in tip top shape real soon! I think everyone is coming down with something or another everywhere! I’ve been battling the sleepies all week (normally a bad sign). ENIKO!!! No more zombies! 😉
    I hope Albert is feeling better today and YOU are getting some well deserved rest (((hugs)))

    1. Enikö says:

      I hope so too Ava, I am starting to resemble a zombie, but with red socks 😛 You’ll love Theory in Depth and Champions is awesome! Like all MA’s books!

      1. Reneava says:

        he he 😀
        A red socked zombie!!
        I look forward to them all and have no doubts what-so-ever I will enjoy them all!
        Take that M.A. ❤

  2. emilylucero says:

    Happy Birthday to Snoop. Hope Eniko stays well and her son gets better. So glad Candy can help you checking for spelling and such. Looking forward to the short story turned novel LOL I am sure I will like Champions. Enjoyed the weekly letter very much.

    1. maabraham says:

      I show Snoop his Birthday wishes and he sits and purrs.

      Glad to hear you are enjoying everything and hoping to have the members section oped sometime before the end of the month.

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