Today is write that blog day…  my mind looks at the screen in front of me and goes blanker than the paper in front of me.  This is not performance.  Image

It was a busy week… no surprises there… those who try to keep up to my mind are talking about finding a way to shut it up.  Always with the ideas that causes more work.  To be fair, it isn’t just for them.  AddEmoticons04270

I got this idea in the middle of the week to release a Novella on the site…   This, of course, will cause a few problems – and changes.  Sorry Becca, as if she doesn’t have enough work to do.  She is probably on the top of the list that wants to spike my Pepsi with sleeping pills so that she can get some rest for a while.  Snoop wouldn’t mind and he is handing her the bottle.  He likes company while he rests, lazy old Tomcat.  Image

Can you believe I have been wood tick free for a whole week?  Yes, it is true.  Snoop has not be going outside because the only time I have opened the door for him was when it was raining. (You can imagine the look I got for that).  It was like, right, you expect me to go out in THAT?  In.  Your.  Dreams.  Change the weather, I am waiting…   Image

Snoop got busted this week too.  I caught him trying to use a stack of hardcover books for a scratching post… so not cool.  I gave him a lecture and he tried to suck up big time.  He hasn’t purred and snuggled up to me so hard in a while (at least 2 days).  He is such a pussycat.  Image

I have been editing all week and I swear it will never end.  We have half way through Life Mate to a King, and I finished reworking Theory in Depth (still not happy with it), and now I am in the middle of reworking the one I have decided to release here.    AddEmoticons04261

What is the story I want to release on the site you ask?  It is called Champions.  I haven’t written up the summary so I can’t put it up yet, and Becca hasn’t come back to me with how she thinks we are going to do it yet.  The consensus is that we can go about this one of two ways… make it available to only those who are following the site… or set up a members section.   Image

I am editing and slowly working on finishing Return of the Legend.  If I can get 2 of the projects that I am working on off my list maybe I can find some time to read, and start reworking one of the other stories I have on file.  Image

In the meantime, it is summer, get some sun and enjoy whatever warmth is out there.  Image  And I will get back to work.   Image   Until next time… AddEmoticons04258

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