Spring is here.

There isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all I want or need to do.  I either need to move faster, or find another home planet that revolves slower, or is larger and has more hours to the day. AddEmoticons04263

It has been another interesting week with the toddlers… they do know how to liven up a house.  Their parents know how to keep them safe and in line as well. (more or less.)  I am at the halfway point in the Christmas short story, a little over 10,000 words.  The toddlers will not be rushed, unless they are playing, in which case I would suggest you duck or get out of the way.  Yes, stampedes are a possibility. AddEmoticons04258

Return of the Legend has taken a back seat to the toddlers this week.  Lothrariel is having fun just sitting back and watching them.  He is also making sure he is out of the line of fire.  Rothliel and Marious are about to find themselves in the middle of the pack, and it should be a party.  AddEmoticons04262

Snoop has taken to nagging. He wants a little attention, poor neglected pussycat.  He lets everyone who comes through the door that he is being subjected to cruel and indifferent punishment.  For some reason they don’t seem to believe him, but they do take the time for a little feline adulation.  Snoop laps it all up like ice cream.  He doesn’t drink milk unless it has a touch of sugar in it, but he will accept cheese if it is offered. (preferably from the slice you have just cut for yourself, or off your toast). AddEmoticons04263   Oh yes, it has to be the right brand.

Spring has sprung and the grass is definitely turning green, birdies are behaving themselves and doing what they do best at this time of the year (building nests).

It will be soon time to start cutting the lawns again.  I have a nephew who comes to take care of mine.   I make him fish and chips and a few other items like that for him, and every now and then he knows there will be a cherry pie sitting around waiting for a visit from a certain grass cutter.  AddEmoticons04225

Little bro left for the West and had a trip from the netherworld to get back to where he came from.  He was not impressed.   I got about a half a dozen telephone calls from him to pass on messages to #6 bro who was to meet him at the airport upon arrival.  That bro wasn’t impressed either because as well all know, everything happens when we are busy.  AddEmoticons04212

I released the cover for Theory in Depth today, for those who haven’t seen it yet I think it might be on the site somewhere… I have been too busy to check on these things lately.  Life happens.  But I am sure Becca would not have put up the book name without putting a picture of the cover somewhere.  Would you Becca?  AddEmoticons04240

On that note, it is time to toddle off into a winter scene with a red pen to continue to write… writing in red because it is for that time of the year.  Yes, call me strange, but do you have a better use for red pens?  AddEmoticons04285

4 thoughts on “Spring is here.

  1. Eni says:

    LOL your posts are very funny, I love your sense of humour and I really enjoy reading them. You make my day every time.
    I always use red pens, my fave colour 😀
    I’ll make sure to bring some cheese for Snoop when I come visit 😉

  2. maabraham says:

    Yes, but your red pens don’t have red ink, I figured being as I don’t have a use for them otherwise I might as well use them for the Christmas season. 😀

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