Pre-Order Form for Paperback Copies!

If you want to pre-order copies that are signed by M.A. Abraham please fill out the form below complete with your name, your e-mail address, how many copies of each book (ex – 1 copy of Gabriel, 1 copy of Marious’ Story) and your complete mailing address.

If you are wanting printed copies without an autograph, they will be available through Amazon, and other places as they pick up the book – We will let you know when they are available.

When your copies are ready to ship we will contact you and let you know your total! Prices on the paperback copies are coming soon – total price is dependent on shipping costs to your mailing address.

Prices on the books themselves are as follows, and does not include shipping:

GABRIEL   $11.95



AURA  $15.95




This is almost like a peek at a scene in Life Mate to a King



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