Two new short stories to be released later this year under the Elven Chronicles banner.


Lociel has been sent, along with his brother and his Fae friend to the Dark Elven Empire with messages for King Liessen and his sister Eden.  He didn’t expect to meet his Life Mate, not at his age.  Most Elven males don’t get to meet their Life or Heart Mate until they are several hundreds of years older.  He couldn’t be happier.  Rayjan watches their Fae friend being accepted by his Life Mate the moment he approaches her, could he be so lucky with his?

Arazel, Arienne and Raina are three of the Dark King Liessen’s Elite Guards, the pride of his realm.  Beautiful and deadly they are no man’s possession, until they meet their Life Mates.  One will accept hers on sight.  Another will entice hers to her side.  The third will have to fight to escape the borders she has lived all her life to be able to take her place by her Life Mate’s side.



Haylo has grown up in the human world where each year they celebrate the Christmas season.  There is; however, no Christmas in the Elven world.  Instead, the Elven females have decided to take the idea and change it into something for their own people.  They are not about to tell their Life Mates and sweet hearts though.  Keeping their plans secret is proving to be too much fun.  The Elven male population can tell something is being plotted.  Gabriel is sure of it, Eden is keeping secrets and it doesn’t take them long to figure out what is going on.  Sevil confirms it.  Watch how the season comes together, the planning, the games, the craftiness practiced, all in the name of bringing the Elves together for the Celebration of Light.


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