Here are the rules to the game.

1. You do not put your answers on the site or FB.

2. The answers are to be sent to M.A. Abraham over the contact the author link

3. Two questions a week will be asked until the contest is over.

4. If you want to participate remember to register below on one of the comment links.

Prize is to be announced on a special day, sometime in August.  I can promise only one thing…whoever wins will be happy with the prize if they are a follower of the Elven Chronicles.  Good luck to all who play.


1.  What is Eden’s Grandfather’s name?

2. What is Gabriel’s peacetime occupation?

3. What does Gabriel give to Marious before he leaves for the Wild Lands?

4. What did Haylo get from her father on her 16th birthday?

5. What did Eden get for her sixteenth birthday from her stepfather?

6. How does Eden escape from the rope that Gabriel tied her with?

7. Whose actions effect Rayjan the strongest?  Why?

8. What does Gabriel do after returning Eden to her parents for help?

9. How many siblings does Gabriel have and what are their name (s)?

10. How many siblings does Marious have? What are their name (s)?

11. Lociel and Rayjan are half Elves… one part is Elf, what is the other half?

12. What is Serenity to Gabriel?

13. What is Haylo’s LM’s name?

14. In Gabriel, how many different times does Gabriel catch Eden when she is falling?

15. Eden had triplets… what did Haylo have?

16. Who and what is Brennor?

17. What names are given to the triplets?

18. Why does Tamarak kiss Marious for the first time on her own?

19. What is Serenity’s favorite form of defense?

20. Why does Serenity order Brennor out of her home?

21. How does Gabriel punish Rayjan?


      1. A-Hersia says:

        Myself too.. LOL. Finally internet in my new house. Did I sent the answer on the right place?.

  1. Katie Reed says:

    Mary Ann I am late coming to this trivia site but will participate. It looks like fun and by Dec I should be up to date.

    1. maabraham says:

      Katie, everyone is welcome to join in at any time and take their time with the answers. I want the game to be fun, not taxing to the system. It will be interesting who gets all the answers right.

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