They are twins, brothers who have been separated by a foolish act caused by the jealousy of one for the other. Arlyn is sentenced to exile for a crime he did not do. Ayden has been left to live with the guilt that his actions have precipitated. Arlyn leads those who follow him into exile as he lives in the shadow of the Empire. Ayden allows the despair that knowing his actions has caused his Empire and family pain. This is their journey, one that spans more than a millennium. This is the story of the Empire that they serve. The friends and family that each of their lives touch, as they live their lives, and how those lives bring them back home.

Surrounded by mystery and legend the Elves live their lives shrouded in the natural power and gifts of the light that guards them. Is it really that easy? As we travel with them we find they too have their problems, dealing with the powers that drive them. Living with feelings they cannot control. They make mistakes. They have problems living with the results of those mistakes. They make choices that are not perfect. They seek ways to correct them. They fight to find who they are as their gifts would overwhelm them. These are the lives of the Legends. They make the history of their people real. These are their battles, their reality.

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