T’Harris isn’t the most demanding of the Guardians of the Empire but, like Gabriella, he hasn’t been beaten on the battlefield yet. He is also a master swordsman, like she is. When not practicing, or performing his duty to the Empire as one of the guardians, he is lighthearted although he refuses to take a back seat to anyone, if pushed.

He vows to win her through his gentle ways and charm. Is it enough? As she uses her talent to see if she can outwit the Fates, she realizes this is a battle she cannot win, for history tells her that no Elf who ever tried has. They also have a common enemy, one they feel they will need to be united against to defeat.

When Gabriella is mistaken for a common Elven maiden and taken to enemy lands, T’Harris must fly to her aid, for this is his love, his Life Mate, and one he has promised to guard with his life. Can he get to her before they realize who and what she is? Or will he lose her to the point of an enemy sword?