In a continuation of ‘Hidden Kingdoms’, ‘Spirit of the Light’ follows our Elves from the Ancient Kingdom back to the High Elven Kingdom, where the Emperor Lothrariel and the other Kings of the Elven Empire await their return. The dangers encountered on the initial trip are not over but, even then, our homesick Elves can’t wait to get home in time for the fun of the yearly Celebration of light.

The main objective of the quest has been achieved, now the Fates had set the chosen Elves on the second part of the task. Now, it is time to face the journey back home and they are to bring the Kings of this long forgotten part of the Empire to meet with the others at the Counsel of Kings table.

There are hidden dangers to face, things which only the Elves they have found encased in the castle at the far end of the Empire know how to break through. To get home, it will take the combined talents of the Ancients, as well as those of the new generation to get past.

Old Kingdoms will be brought back from the brink of extinction, while Elves from different times and cultures find Life Mates and face the challenges it takes to return to where it all began. In the meantime, those in the established parts of the Elven Empire gather, to celebrate their time of Light and Life.

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