Merika’s mother surrounded her with a false sense of security, by blocking her memories and powers, to hide their identities. It begins to unravel when her mother dies, and she is drawn back into the world of her forefathers.

As a result of his mother’s upbringing, Tyrus views most women with a degree of contempt. He wants nothing to do with them. Like Merika, he was brought up in the outside world. Now that he is back in the lands of his father, he has found peace. The last thing he needs is someone like Merika to complicate things, no matter how attracted he is to her.

Kodac is the male Primus of his world. His son is as powerful as he, and will one day take his place. He wants to see him settled, and with a family to continue their lineage. He considers Merika a good match for Tyrus, and is willing to do anything to get them together, even if that means placing her in the path of other males of power. His belief is that Tyrus will act on their mutual attraction, rather than see her in the arms of another man.

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