Lúthien is a powerful Elf with a talent that has been hunted to the brink of extinction by the Demons. She is a Daughter of the Sun, a female Elf able to help souls find their way in the darkness, and back into the light. Her talent is to spread, and keep, the light amongst her people, and in extreme cases, to help Elves who have lost their way. With the rescue of Garoldth’s brother, Golradir, her powers have never been needed more. His treatment at the hands of the Demons has left him scarred, both mentally and physically.

Golradir would have been King instead of Garoldth, if he hadn’t been captured. He had been held captive for over fifteen hundred years, and during that time he was tortured mercilessly. Now that he is free he only wants to be left in peace. It is not that simple in the Elven world, especially when the one Elf, who can heal both his body and his soul, is his Life Mate. His soul reaches for hers, but he refuses to allow the connection. He feels unworthy. Tainted. Can he reach past his fears? Or will he let the evil he believes the Demons implanted in the deepest recesses of his soul destroy them both?

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