For over four thousand years he has been an Elf to command respect from warriors and Kings alike. He is Torrent, Kings Champion and one of the few to go fearlessly into the dangers beyond the portal to form a bond with the Elven Empire there. He is held in great honor there, friend to the King and his sons. He has been sent by the Light King to relay an offer of friendship and help to bring the wars there to an end, for the King has seen a day when the boundary between their worlds will fail.

Serenity has shrouded her life in mystery. None save the King knows what she is or what she has done, for she walks a path she would rather none know of. She is an Elf of great beauty and great talent and with one look of her silver blue eyes she has brought one of the greatest Elves her people have known to his knees, for they are Life Mates, and though he would charge into her life and take it over, she would only have him once he has come to learn her ways. Theirs is a battle of wills and learning to bend with the raging winds of fate.

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