They walk amongst us… mere mortals, gods, demigods, and Valkyrie. Neither suspects their worlds are about to collide. The war above and below isn’t coming… it’s already here.

USAT, bestselling, award-winning, and up-and-coming authors bring you a combustible interlude of sword wielding, lightning bolt throwing, fire breathing, shape-shifting Gods of War.

There will be romance, blood, death, resurrection, intense heat from raging passion and blind fury. Today, worlds will collide. Gods will fall in love with humans, and demigods will fight to prove they belong with the gods who came before them.

By the end, will there be anything left standing or will earth, Olympus, and the Underworld be ash and rubble?

Twist of Fate 2021 Multi-Author


A slip of the tongue by Riel’s older brother, Tash, has sent him reeling. Riel is the god of the sun, and until now he didn’t know that he was related to Sagan, who is known as the god of the sky. It doesn’t take much prodding to get him to travel across the great distance so he can get to know his brother, a man who is his identical twin.

Tash is a god of chaos, and although he is content to let things develop as they will, up to a point, this soon comes to an end when they arrive in Sagan’s home to find Ele’s sisters also visiting. As Riel quickly falls for the one sister, Tash plots to destroy everything and everyone around him. 

Satirea and Aslea, Ele’s sisters are also in residence. One is a goddess of battles, the other a goddess of justice. It is Aslea who finds out about Tash’s plans and moves to stop him. The question is, can she before it is too late?



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