Karia can barely stand to be around herself, never mind others. She has been confined to the Aerie, until after the birth of her child, but there are limits to what she can do to pass the time.

Mitchell understands, although there is little he can do about it. He doesn’t have the time to deal with her moods and needs.

Erin, remembers what it was like for her, when she had carried Karia, but the requirements of her position with the new inhabitants of Tantalus, due to Karia’s pregnancy, is taking up every moment she has to spare.

Only one, Alena, seems to know what to do to soothe her granddaughter as she enters the final stages of her pregnancy. She enters the room, sits by Karia’s chair and begins to speak: “Let me tell you of a very young Tantalarian girl, a handsome young Tantalarian Guardian and the love they shared.”

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