Kyllan, the Tribunal Elder, is not happy with the idea of taking the mother ship to Earth to save the remaining Sirens that have asked for help. There is no help for it. He has given his word to the Siren Queen and she will hold him to it. First, they must make a few stops along to way, to right some wrongs.

Kyllan couldn’t have foreseen the trouble a simple trip that should have only taken a couple days to make could cause, but then again the people on Earth had never been easy to deal with. What makes it more complicated is that there is an Earth Warship on its way to Mars and perhaps even to Tantalus.

Word has spread amongst those that are being persecuted on Earth and they are reaching out to Kyllan for help in their most desperate hours. The gifted, like Adele, are being exterminated and, those that are not are being used in brutal, inhumane fashions. He is tempted to turn his back and walk away, leaving them to their plight, but cannot find it in his heart to say no. This triggers a private war between the members of his crew along with their allies on Earth, and a crime lord on Earth. It is time for the Tribunes Waterford and Vasalon to shine, which they do in stellar fashion. The Tantalarians are not alone in their fight though, for neither the Sirens nor those on Earth that are being saved intend to be left out of the game.

Will they manage to win the battle waging on the surface of Earth? And will they get back to Tantalus in time to protect their own planet?

Release Date: Aug. 13/19