The toddlers are spending the day at Gabriel and Eden’s and as they gather they find a new speed… supersonic… in the way of toddlers the world over there is nothing slower, and they are ready to challenge the world. Marious’ sons are there, proving the adage, “like father like sons” and Gabriel’s sons, are another chip off the block. The girls are not going to allow the boys to show them up, and are quite capable of rising to the challenge. It doesn’t take long for the competition to begin. Of course there are those who don’t feel the need to compete, they are just there for the fun. Some may even get a glimpse into their future, and others are already showing signs of being haunted by powers they will never be able to live with easily.

As the day progresses Daroth begins to welcome his guests to the festival as everyone is interested to see what this new tradition is all about. They have heard a lot about this festival of Daroth’s. Will it live up to their expectations? Would the people in their Kingdoms enjoy it too? All these questions and more are answered in this wild romp as Marious and Branith lead their band of merrymakers into the crowd for a little fun, and with those two in the lead you can’t help but ask, is anyone safe? The toddlers are definitely ready to join the celebration as they follow their leader into the spirit of the season as they all prepare to ‘Embrace The Light’

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