Welcome to the Elven Alliances

Welcome to the forever-changing world of the Elves.  A world where anything is possible, where some Elves deserve to be tied with spelled rope, and some others gagged.  In the beginning of the Chronicles the High Lord General Gabriel Eagle Claw has brought his armies home from the Demon wars in victory.  It was a war that left many scars on those who were involved, much as it does in our own lives.  It is also a time for the Elves to move on with their lives, find Life Mates, and have children.  These are their stories, their lives, and we get to watch them as they live it.

King Daroth’s visions are in the background of most of the major things that happen, and when it comes to matchmaking he has no equal.  He sends Gabriel to escort his future Queen home and to gather his people.  Gabriel finds his own Life Mate while following that order.  He sends Marious along with Gabriel to the lands of the Dark Elves, and while serving in that land he finds his Life Mate.  That is only the start, for as the world unfolds around them other stories become known.  Soon the Elven world King Daroth’s visions have foretold is coming to pass.

The question probably foremost in anyone’s mind is what does the future hold?  Well Daroth only gives us tidbits of information as they are about to happen, dropping hints along the way.  He likes to keep these things close, and his Queen closer.  Being somewhat close to Daroth, and knowing how to get information from him, I am privy to some of what is going to happen. (And yes, he will only spill so much of that information in my direction because he doesn’t completely trust me not to tell everyone everything and ruin his surprises).

Daroth sees a world filled with peace and harmony, but it comes with hard work and intervention.  He seeks to unify the Elven Kingdoms to return it to what their ancestors once had, for while their ancestors ruled there was peace and power in the land.  Elves were prosperous, they raised their families and worked the land as nature had intended.  They were happy in their simplicity, and what they lost he wants to regain. To do what his visions show him he must bring the Kings together and reform the Counsel of Elves.

There will be opposition to this plan of Daroth’s, a lot of time has passed since the counsel fell and the history books tell of corruption from within.  The counsel can do only so much on its own.  The rest is up to fate and the will of the Elves who live in the Empire.

Moving away from the Elven Series there will be other stories told.  Books that are stand alone stories.  Like Aura, and later this year, Theory in Depth.  Stick around and I will tell you a tale.

M.A. Abraham